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Within the unique Left four Useless, there have been 4 survivors: Francis, Invoice, Louis and Zoey. Anybody studying by the sport’s wiki, nonetheless, will suppose there’s truly a fifth solid member: Purple Francis.

As some digging from @thinkiamsad turned up over the weekend, person Lucythorkelson logged onto the wiki on February 12 and went to city, creating the character (full along with his personal bio) then going to the difficulty of scouring the remainder of the pages and dropping informal mentions of him alongside different survivors to make it seem like he had at all times been there.

Within the elevator, Zoey asks Purple Francis if he likes monster films, to which Purple Francis says that they aren’t that good. Zoey, upon listening to this, mumbles to herself and appears away angrily. When Zoey dies, Purple Francis is much less saddened by her demise, stating that “she’s the kind to carry grudges”, referencing her lowering liking to Purple Francis after his touch upon monster films. Followers see this as a prediction to Zoey’s dislike in direction of Invoice’s actions in The Sacrifice comedian, but Valve has said that it was merely a coincidence. When Purple Francis dies, Zoey states that he was a terrific man, and regrets appearing badly in direction of him as a result of what he mentioned on monster films.

Defacing a wiki is often a tedious ache within the ass, however I can get behind it when it transcends to this degree of universe-building.

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