“Seamless updates” is a great Android feature that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra still doesn’t have – GSMArena.com news – GSMArena.com

‘Seamless updates’, first launched again in 2016 and arrived on each Google Pixel cellphone, permits for firmware updates to be put in to a secondary partition whereas the cellphone stays in use. This eliminates downtime between firmware updates to a single reboot, after which the secondary partition turns into the primary one and the replace has already accomplished. This additionally acts as a failsafe in case an replace goes unsuitable – the system can fall again on the earlier partition.

Update notification on a Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraReplace notification on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Extremely

Google has backed off on this requirement because it’s now not within the Android CDD (Compatibility Definition Doc). The CDD acts as a suggestion for Android OEMs and lists what Google requires from OEMs for his or her gadgets to be appropriate with the latest model of Android.

It’s presumed that the requirement was backed off by stress from OEMs like Samsung, who’s newest Galaxy S21 smartphones should not have the framework to assist seamless updates. Android Police has confirmed that the brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 Extremely doesn’t assist the function. Whereas Google had previously planned to require the function, it’s now talked about within the CDD that OEMs “SHOULD” assist a/b system updates. The “a” and “b” confer with the an identical partitions that alternate between firmware updates.

“Seamless updates” is a great Android feature that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra still doesn’t have

With out seamless updates, an Android gadget might want to spend a number of minutes of downtime on a bootloader display screen, with out the flexibility to make use of any purposes or make any cellphone calls, even of the emergency sort. Samsung’s reasoning for delaying such a function is unknown.


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