Big Ben-sized space rock among FIVE headed this way, as scientist proposes humans COLONIZE asteroid belt itself – RT

Whereas NASA warns of one other 5 house rocks headed in the direction of the Earth, one Finnish astrophysicist is proposing human colonization of the asteroid belt itself inside the subsequent 15 years.

Because the Earth lurches out of month one in every of 2021, NASA has issued a short, advising that 5 extra asteroids which can be doubtlessly between 25 and 100 meters (82 and 98 toes) in diameter are due for shut flybys earlier than the month is up. 

On Tuesday, the 25-meter asteroid 2021 BD3, with a diameter roughly half that of the Arc de Triomphe’s top, will move the planet at a secure distance of three.9 million km (3.9 million miles). A short while later, an object dubbed 2021 AL, which measures 40m in diameter or roughly 5 London buses end-to-end, will whizz previous at a distance of 4.1 million km.

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Subsequent up, on Thursday January 28, would be the 40-meter house rock 2021 BZ, which is able to shoot previous at 2.1 million km.

To spherical up a rocky begin to the 12 months, on January 29, asteroids 2021 AG7, which might be as much as 100m in diameter or the identical dimension as London’s Large Ben, and the 30-meter 2021 AF7 will move the Earth at 4.2 million km and 6.eight million km, respectively.

In the meantime, one forward-thinking astrophysicist proposes that, fairly than asteroids coming to us, people ought to as an alternative colonize the asteroid belt, in as little as 15 years. 

Dr. Pekka Janhunen, an astrophysicist on the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki, has proposed the development of liveable floating “mega-satellites” orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres, some 523 million kilometers from Earth, among the many asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. 

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Like one thing plucked straight from fashionable science fiction collection, these disk-shaped settlements, linked by highly effective magnets, would boast hundreds of cylindrical buildings which may home a complete of 50,000 individuals who would all profit from synthetic gravity generated by way of floating cities’ gradual rotation. 

Janhunen additionally proposes house mining from Ceres as a way by which to arrange an economic system and make colonization worthwhile and sustainable, making use of house elevators to hold sources again to the pods and doubtlessly again to Earth for processing. 

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