Scientists find a cloudless hot Jupiter exoplanet with a four-day year – Engadget

Astronomers have discovered one other strange planet that would broaden our understanding of the cosmos. Gizmodo reports {that a} group at Harvard and Smithsonian’s Middle for Astrophysics has spotted a gasoline big 575 mild years away, WASP-62b, that’s not solely in a particularly shut 4.5-day orbit (making it a “sizzling Jupiter”), however has no clouds. It’s simply the second time any researchers have situated a cloudless exoplanet, they usually’re believed to be uncommon as an entire — lower than 7 p.c of exoplanets.

Scientists first detected WASP-62b in 2012, nevertheless it wasn’t till not too long ago that they acquired to review its environment. Examine lead Munazza Alam used spectroscopic commentary from the Hubble Space Telescope to find the sturdy presence of sodium, a component that may be obscured if there have been clouds within the planet’s environment. Astronomers sometimes get solely small clues that sodium is current, so this was “smoking gun proof” of a cloudless planet, in keeping with Alam.

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